wolfie (muir_wolf) wrote in tenmarthajack,

Fic: When You Never Cried Alone 2/?

Title: When You Never Cried Alone
Rating: This will be R. I'm going to be rather hard on Martha, I'm afraid...
Characters/Pairings: Eventual Martha/Ten/Jack.
Spoilers: through S3
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, etc.
Warning: Martha's roughed-up, abuse, implied non-con, general not-goodness
Summary: Set about 2 weeks after LotTL. So Pre-Donna, Pre-Unit. Martha thought the year-that-never-was was as bad it was ever going to get, but she's wrong. Martha is taken after leaving the hospital by two of the guards who'd been on the Valiant--and learned to idolize the Master.
Author’s notes: AN: I’m sorry, I was going to put this up a lot earlier but I’ve only had spotty internet for the last week or so (on the bright side my vacation was lovely!), but anywho, here’s part 2.

Part One

Part Two

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