LauraB1 (laurab1) wrote in tenmarthajack,

Doctor Who – fic - A Little More Flirting, Please!, Jack/Martha, Jack/Doctor, R/15

Title - A Little More Flirting, Please!
Author - laurab1
Rating – R/15
Pairings – Jack/Martha, Jack/Doctor
Length - 430 words
Summary – prompt, from lgbtfest, 507 - Doctor Who, Jack/Martha, sexuality isn't a binary
Spoilers – 3.11 Utopia
Disclaimer – alas, none of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

Martha’s known him for a matter of minutes. In that time, Captain Jack Harkness has managed to flirt with her, three seconds after gasping and reviving (she flirted straight back), have what pretty much amounted to a domestic argument with the Doctor and then hug him, in expressing his joy about Rose Tyler still being alive.

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